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Being an employer who has the job of hiring and firing employees is no easy task. It’s not a popular position, being the boss, but someone has to do it. But the impact of weakest employees must be considered.

Determining who should stay and who should go is a tough decision to make. Are you sure you are making the right choice? Here are three main types of employees you should lookout for.

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No Heart, No Effort- These are perhaps the easiest weak employees to identify. Showing up late all the time wearing unkempt staff uniform and always leaving early – you need to be careful of these traits. They don’t seem to care at all and actually trying to complete the tasks they are assigned is something they just won’t do. You won’t even feel their loss. Employees who bringing the company down should not be allowed to work.

No Results- These are the individuals you have high hopes for when you first present them with a staff uniform. They are sincere in their efforts and work hard. They may be putting in a lot of extra hours too. However, they are incapable of doing their job, or are perhaps no longer capable of doing it. Despite their hard work, these employees need to be let go. They are in fact adding to company costs instead of adding any value. Be fair but firm when you need to let these individuals go because they were the ones who wore their work uniform with pride and are good people.

Just Don’t Fit- Then there are the employees that seem to do everything right. Their corporate wear is always tidy, they show up on time and they put in a lot of effort and get results. These employees seem like they would be perfect for the job, except for one thing. They just don’t fit into your company’s corporate culture. Normal work timings may not be enough for certain workaholic perfectionist office cultures and some employees may not get in tune with that. Again you should be honest with such employees tell them how they didn’t fit in.

You are the one in charge of who wears your work uniform. Just make sure the decision you come to benefits your company and your employees. Cloth your employees with work uniform!

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