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1. Go out there and shop! Nowadays, to dress in vintage styles, you won’t need to leap into your grandma’s closet, or go to the closest thrift store. These days thrift stores are well aware of the well-liked demands for vintage. We actually can pound our high st to search for our popular vintage style fashion.

2. Find yourself a vintage style dress. One thing that is characteristic of the way ladies used to dress is, they always wore a dress. Rain or shine, women during the past were always well groomed, with a nicely cut dress. So what sort of dress should we go for to adopt the past? I would recommend you to choose an age that especially interests you. The 30’s are for ladies who embrace their curves, 40s for someone quite petite and gamine, 50s for the cheerful and bright, 60s is the time for somebody who’s daring and the 70s for someone that is a little bit of a wild kid.

3. Well, let’s see what sort of selections we can play with. Imagine yourself wearing a floaty maxi dress with a flower ring in your hair, this would make you an ideal bohemian wild kid. A 60s tiny mini dress in a coral colour, would be really cool for the girlie lady in you who just wants to parade her legs! If you love a bit of drama and color, a 50s fitted-bodice dress with a huge skirt would be superb for you. For someone that would be very pleased to enhance their petite figure, a fitted pencil dress in an eye catching green would fit the bill. How about trying a golden bias-cut number for the horny 30s vixen in you?

4. To modernise your look, team your dress with some leggings or some colourful tights. This would be the key to give the look a clean update. Casual leggings show you have a practical side which helps to organise your life. Some fun coloured tights would be a cool option to brighten your outfits.

5. What choice of shoes could take your outfit to another level? I say that some platform boots for the mod-style mini dress would be just perfect. Some creeper shoes would be wonderfully sweet with a Thirties style long dress, or a 50s swing dress. They’re comfortable, and the increased platform would give you the additional wow! Factor or the height that is required.

6. The perfect make up would be an eyeliner flick and a crimson red lipstick. This is the amazing combination for anyone who would like a glamorous style.

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