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We all know that Vintage design doesn’t appear to be heading anywhere. Nevertheless, exactly what do we mean when we say ‘Vintage’? A lot of people possess individual decades of style in mind; others consider this means anything older compared to last season’s runway! A concept about vintage that hasn’t been embraced by adequate folks is that the shape and cut of the dress is in fact more vital than what era it reminds us of. Nevertheless that there is a huge variety of body shapes and sizes, but not all dresses will flatter every figure. You wouldn’t go into a high street store and buy an item that fit you improperly, so just why do the same for the reason of a retro find?

When it comes to vintage silhouettes the Skater dress perhaps the most universally complementing style. With its nipped in waistline and flared skirt this cut manages to produce curves should you wish, or flatter those parts you would like to hide. Not only this, the flared skirt actually creates the illusion of longer legs, in order that absolutely everyone can benefit from the Skater, to look and feel wonderful.

There’s even better news; the high street has caught on to the skater craze so that you can find your dream dress without scouring vintage and thrift stores endlessly. Buying authentic vintage can be incredibly satisfying and rewarding, especially when pieces are a bargain, but this endeavour is also likely to be hard work and not always productive. To ensure you find a piece that fits seamlessly and doesn’t have an unreasonable price tag, head to the high street or online fashion stores.

It’s never been better to find skater style dresses in a variety of colors, prints and fabrics. Polka dots, pastels, stripes and embellished with lace; the opportunities are absolutely endless. Start a Skater collection! You can never have too many of these spectacular dresses because they go a long way to making the most basic and yet most efficient outfits. Matched with a cute pair of ballet pumps, or some up to date wedge heels for extra glam, you will be ready to walk out the door in minimal time. The more striking the print, the less you need to accessorize so as to render an effect. If you choose want to include additional touches, in spite of this, a waist belt and a clutch bag in complementary hues will do the job.

If you’re looking for a simple way to catch the vintage style trend, skater dresses are definitely the first place to start. It is an easy yet fail-safe style which will add a touch of retro glamour to your current current wardrobe, although you may don’t purchase an authentic vintage piece. Whether you’re boy-shaped, pear shaped or a stunning hourglass, there is no better cut to suit all and look eternally chic. Check out online fashion stores now for a stunning variety of skater dresses, where you are sure to find your dream ensemble!

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