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Do you have a lot of clothes in your cabinet and dresser? No doubt you’ve seen that these areas are getting filled with clothes which you don’t like or don’t wear. Well the first thing that’s most likely been at the back of your closet or dresser for years are some white shirts. These shirts have all sorts of other things and they’re typically not something you wear. Maybe it came with a pair of jeans or some other shirt but you never could think of a use for it. Well there are various stuff that you can use with white shirts.

A very important thing that you can do with white shirts is turn them into tye-dye projects. Tye-dye isn’t just for little ones anymore. In fact, it’s fun and it will give you a whole new shirt to wear rather than a white one that’s never seen the light of day. All you should do is get some t-shirt pain and a few rubber bands and you will make great tye-dye patterns. When you’re finished just allow it to dry, wash it out and you will have an amazing, one-of-a-kind result.

For guys white shirts are perfect for wearing under your dress shirt. A dress shirt typically isn’t crafted from one of the most comfortable material. They are generally pretty firm. Maybe you’ve tried wearing tank tops under them however that tends to show through and it doesn’t look so good. White shirts are great because they cover the whole core of your body and your shoulders. Where the sleeves end you may barely see under a dress shirt and it provides you with something comfortable and soft against your skin. This way you may look great and be comfy at the same time.

Another thing regarding white shirts is you can utilize them for anything. That means that you can wear them with a set of jeans or you can use them under a jacket. You may even wear these shirts layered under or over anything you want. White shirts might have been consigned to the back of your cabinet however they definitely shouldn’t have been. These kind of shirts are actually useful and can be donned anyplace and with something. A white shirt is the perfect thing for your wardrobe because it’s so versatile.

Perhaps you have lots of clothes in your cabinet. You might have accumulated a lot over time. But probably the greatest stuff you may have are white shirts. These t shirts aren’t just great under your dress shirts but they’re also able to be used under almost anything. With such great t shirts you will be able to blend and match your look and you’ll also be able to stay comfortable. You’ll be able to make a brand-new shirt with just a little bit of paint. You might have thought having white shirts wasn’t important but they’re actually one of the best stuff you could possibly own.

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