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You just know a Wild West dress when you spot one. It belongs to a particular fashion era in the American history that is truly distinct and full of character. It’s a mix of Indian and Spanish culture, as well as European chic back in the 1870s.

Cowboys, saloons, outlaws, miners and so many others are commonly associated with the Old West. Then there are also the unique garbs women wore which are truly exclusive to such period. Even today they are sought after as they definitely look special. When it’s time to put on costumes, plenty of women like to pretend to have come from that part of history.

During that time, what women wore revealed their status in the community. Wealthy ones were commonly seen donning dresses that are elaborately designed, often made from silk or other luxurious fabric types. Although many were ordered from France, seamstresses in the vicinity were also sought after to produce what the elite people in Europe wore.

Women who lived in towns wore more practical types of clothing, perfect for carrying out chores at home or elsewhere. Cotton, wool and more affordable fabrics were used. However, still everyone wanted to look just as fashionable.

In the 1870s, dresses were made distinct by ornate skirts with much of the fullness found at the back. Pleats, frills and flounces were staples. However, many years passed and the skirts slowly shrunk, as lines become simpler and longer. The 1890s saw the popularity of sportswear as women in the society engaged in more and more physical activities.

You will find that looking for genuine looking Old West clothes these days isn’t that challenging. Many of them can be found in cyberspace where many run to for their costume shopping needs. Thanks to the extensive and wonderfully crafted selections, the character you like to represent when you set foot at the venue shouldn’t be missed by everybody.

Wearing the appropriate accessories matters a lot. Women back then were commonly seen with laces, beads and jewelries out of silver or adorned with turquoise. If you wish to look the part, accessorizing definitely is an important consideration.

A Wild West dress is not that hard to find these days. You can come across so many styles that pervaded the years between the 1870s and 1900s. Female characters in Hollywood movies set during this period in history look elegant and believable. When you wear genuine-looking garbs together with the right accessories, you can also make heads turn.

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