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Pieces of jewelery made according to the requirements of the client are a broad category that includes personalized gold necklaces. Besides the usual pendants of a circular shape, the customization process has allowed for creation of pieces of different shapes and sizes. Every inch of the necklaces is designed by the client and may involve engraving or adding antique pieces, or other precious metals.

The reason for the success of this business in recent times is the need for a sense of uniqueness. People all over the world have become acquainted with the trend of personal identification. The business of creating personalized jewelery involves the client making a request to the manufacturer. It is then the job of the business owners to replicate the thoughts of the customer into an ideal and beautiful piece.

Musicians, actors and sports personalities are among the most common customers in the business. Their aim is to market themselves as a brand and a way of doing this is by having unique jewelery pieces such as necklaces that their fans can associate them with. Other common clients include companies that desire their logos made into pieces for their staff, partners or guests or couples that desire to have the names of their spouse engraved. Sororities and fraternity houses in colleges also have this trend as a way of identifying each other even after graduation.

Manufacturers of these pendants can be found locally or online. The online companies are preferred by many clients and allow them to digitally design their ideal piece. This further adds to the accessibility of the service by any client all over the world. The product may be shipped to the client after design. The local businessmen, however, have the buyers sit in with their in house design team and create ultimately personal pieces.

The advantage of various service providers is a tendency of high quality in order to retain clients and attract more for the business. A few companies have made name for themselves in this field such as Bvlgari for high end clients. Lack of monopoly ensures that buyers are able to access different makers at a convenient price level.

Some of the popular public figures such as musicians and actors may pay extravagant amounts of money for unique pieces. Royalty and aristocrats may also pay high amounts of money just to have pieces no one else in the world has. However, the cost is generally relative and depends on the specifications of the buyer and the amount he is willing to spend. Simple designs cost less while pricey maneuvers may result in some clients parting with more than ten thousand dollars at a time.

One of the recent uses of these personalized pendants is as a marketing tool. Some of them are made for clients with intent to sell to other members of the public as a form of raising funds. For example, they can be made with a custom ribbon in order to sell and use the proceeds to assist cancer patients.

The practice has existed for many years, with royalty of the Kingdoms in Europe having arrays of personalized gold necklaces among other pieces of jewelery. It is affordable to people depending on how much they are willing to spend. Most of all, it shows the willingness of a person to be his own self, a group of people to be identified with each other and above all, the desire to be unique.

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