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Akoya pearls are perfectly spherical pearls which are very lustrous and elegant. They display the perfect definition of what pearls truly are. They are smooth and incredibly feminine. No wonder that, when it comes to pearls, Akoya can surely raise its arms as one of the world’s finest.


These days, Akoya pearls are cultured in Japan, China, Vietnam and Australia. They are widely known for their traditional luster and smoothly spherical shape. They’re really salt water pearls with bead nucleus known as the mother-of-pearls. This technology was initially invented by Mikimoto. A Japanese who realized the pearl making from saltwater. Akoya pearls are created from Akoya mussels. These mussels may be beaded with around 5 mother-of-pearls for a greater production. However, producers are very cautious regarding their final product. They wanted to avoid any malformations due to over-production. To attain this, they only place 2 beads per mussel. The production is slow with this procedure. Nevertheless, the pearls collected are always the best of their kind.

What’s the main difference Japanese Akoya and Chinese Akoya?

The art of pearl-making is mastered by the Japanese for over 100 years now. They are able to generate the world’s superior quality pearls. As the popularity of their pearls grows and grows, nearby nations, like China, tried to copy their work.

Over 40 years ago, China first attempted to create Akoya, nearly as Japanese do. Nevertheless, their particular pearls ended up to be low quality. They have couldn’t make an impression on their first hand customers who are supposed to be the first promoters of their product.

Chinese never give up. They maintain their practice in pearl farming and were capable to catch up with the Japanese technology. As Japanese even now are the superior big pearl-makers, Chinese are small pearl-makers. The Chinese pearls are smaller then the Japanese however, they passed the Japanese standard of quality.

Buying guide

For many years, pearls are one of the most practical jewelry a woman can have. It has elegance, simpleness and inexpensive appeal. To buy a pearl jewelry, here would be the things you have to take into consideration:

1) Size. According to your taste, you can select pearls in accordance to their dimensions. Usually, a pearl size starts with 5-5.5mm. The classic dainty single stud pearl is 7-7.5mm in dimension. You can go as large as thirteen to 19 mm. If you would like to increase the amount of flare, you may have different sizes of pearls in a single piece of jewelry like, in earrings. You could have drop pearl earrings organized according to their sizes.

2) Luster. Genuine pearls have wonderful luster when you reflect them under the sun or intense light.

3) Colour. Since pearls are produced by living mussels, they are affected by changing seasons. This is actually the reason why pearl colors vary in white, cream, rose, silver and yellow. In Asian nations, where the pearls are usually grown, they are available in different solid colours like black, dark grey, champagne and pink. They also cast overtones of colors whenever you put them into the light.

4) Nacre. The bigger the pearl is, the more nacre it has.

5) Shape. The completely round form, what as you can see in Akoya is the widely known and classic pearl. Nevertheless, there are other forms that pearls might have. They may be almost round but slightly flattened towards the top. They may be button-shaped, oval, drop, semi-baroque and baroque. These forms are utilized in different styles of jewelries.

Pearls are great jewelries. The history of their making is as great as they are. Naturally produced, pearls differ in their intensity of colors and shades. However, no matter what or how they come in size, color and shape, pearls will always be the traditional jewelry a lady may have. Plus, Akoya pearls will always be one of the world’s best ever pearls.

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