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Guns are just plain cool. Whether in some awesome summer blockbuster or on cool gun tee shirts, the image of the gun has embedded itself in the American psyche to the point of instant recognition. All through history, weapons have imparted a sense of strength to the viewer. When it was the sword, then the image of the sword dominated images and media at that time. When guns came into prominence, then the gun replaced the sword as the primary image of strength and power. We all should know by now that there is nothing cooler in the world than power.

There is nothing cooler in the whole world than what guns have done for us as a country. When we were being driven down by a foreign power, we took up guns and used them to secure our freedom. We have used guns since those days to ensure that no one will ever rise up and try to control us through firepower. When you have millions of people with guns in hand, then the idea of government becomes a voluntary notion. We have maintained our democracy through the use of guns and our independence. Awesome gun t shirts have been just a demonstration of how much America loves and appreciates gun ownership.

There are plenty of people in the world who would love for America to forget about our history with guns. These opponents of proud gun owners see nothing but a blood-soaked weapon, no matter who is holding the gun. These people do not see the protection guns give us, but rather the bodies that they imagine guns produce. They see the small percentage of accidental shootings as a grossly overblown statistic and they ignore the hundreds of lives saved each year by gun owners defending their life and property against criminals who would otherwise have taken advantage of them. They would rather see peace signs on t-shirts and not great gun tee shirts.

When guns are made illegal, then they will only be used for illegal purposes. Relying on nothing but the police to protect the populous is a bad idea. In an emergency situation, the police are minutes away when seconds could mean the difference between a victim living or dying. The mere presence of guns are enough to deter many criminals from even trying to assault someone or their property. There are many terrible things that happen with guns every year, but most of those instances are perpetrated by criminals who would own a gun whether it was illegal or not.

As almost a backlash against the disdain some people have for guns and gun owners, cool gun tees have seen a rise in popularity. People want their guns, and they show their support for something they feel quite strongly about. Cool gun t-shirts have made their way into fashion because they represent many things with such a simple symbol. The gun represents strength, independence, power, control, safety, and freedom: everything that America has always been all about.

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