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This encouraged the customers to take the salt and pepper pots where they would become a great promotional product and would not only secure the future custom of those customers impressed at the generosity and humour of Virgin Atlantic, but also of others who saw the pots. In some cases these pots on the table could even stimulate a conversation about the holiday where hopefully the owners of the pots might rave about the service of virgin to their guests.

This is one example of a great promotional product as a ‘Trojan horse’ and  an elegant solution to a minor problem. Similar great examples can be seen everywhere, for example at the bank Barclays where rather than chaining their pens to the desk, they provide a large pot of logo pens for people to keep after they’ve filled in their cheques. This makes the company look generous and successful, while reminding the owners of the pens and those around them of this fact every time it gets used.

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