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Richard Branson of course understands this well, and claims that the original route of his name indeed meant ‘Brand’, suggesting his ancestors too might have had a penchant for putting logos on things. Virgin then gives away a lot of promotional products, but in one genius instance they used this to turn a weakness into a strength. On his Virgin Atlantic flights, Richard Branson heard reports of his salt and pepper pots being stolen as souvenirs. Rather than fight back by cementing them down or including sensors in them however, he realised that the net loss would be made up for by the promotional aspect of people using his promotional products in their homes. As such he had the manufacturers inscribe ‘Stolen From Virgin’ on the bottom of the pots, which worked brilliant as it was a nod and a wink to the problem but showed a company that was successful enough to worry about that small loss and that was hip enough to make a joke out of it.

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