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The first rap record to create it massive was “Rapper’s Delight” released by the Sugar Hill Gang on Syliva and Joey Robinson’s Sugar Hill label. Mr. David in his article stated that “Rapper’s Delight” (a nonsense rap), “White Lines” (a rap with an anti-drug theme), and “The Message” (about ghetto life within the black neighborhood) were designed to sell records to whites and had a less favorable reaction in the streets where rap was designed based on Russell Simmons, president of Def Jam Records.

When, even though the well-known DJ Junebug played ‘The Message” in a nightclub, one more DJ by the name of Ronnie DJ threatened Junebug by putting a gun against his head. He instructed Junebug to stop playing the song or he would kill him. Junebug destroyed the record although the entire club was looking.

This feeling may possibly have been felt by a lot of other rap artists and DJ’s. But, it can be doubtful that a lot of African Americans fans of rap music may possibly really feel the same way. This doubt is caused by the truth that each “The Message” and “Rappers Delight” were common songs to play in night clubs frequented by African Americans.

The very first African American rap group to win a following with the white audience was known as Run-D.M.C. Their albums ‘Run-D.M.C.’ and ‘King of Rock’ broke through to this audience. These two albums were the leaders and initiators for rap music to enter music the mainstream music industry.

The members of the group, Run and D.M.C didn’t come from rough neighbourhoods, they had been middle-class. They did not have knowledge being in gangs and they never ever struggled to survive. But their dress sense and their music didn’t indicate this. They were signed to Def Jam Label which was founded by a Jewish rocker by the name of Rick Rubin.

Russell Simmons, Run’s brother, was to later take manage of the Def Jam label in 1989, even so this can not take away from the reality that this so-called militant rap group was at 1 time being produced by a white individual.

What is even much more startling is that among the most militant rap groups, Public Enemy, was also produced by Rick Rubin. Just as Run-D.M.C. came from middle-class households so did Public Enemy. Members of Public Enemy grew up in suburban Lengthy Island towns with successful middle-class skilled parents.

1 can not deny that whites were starting to have an impact on the rap music that had originally begun in the black neighborhood. But this would be to be expected any time an art form starts to acquire recognition with mainstream white America.

Similarly, it’s not impossible that some thing that was at first well-liked with white Americans, then grows a following amongst the black or minority communities. It is a reality that requirements to be acknowledged and accepted.

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