When it comes down to beauty, sophistication, and a rich past, there isn’t anything else in the world like an Ashoka cut diamond. These diamonds, which are among some of the rarest on the planet, have a history that’s as unique as their cut and appearance. When the time’s right to choose a diamond that represents the love that one individual has for another, the Ashoka has been the selection of celebrities and other famous people around the globe.

Some might wonder what makes this diamond so special, but it isn’t just the brilliance and cut of this gem that makes a contribution to its popularity. The Ashoka diamond’s history is like none other, and tale of its birth reflects a single aspect of what makes it one of the planet’s most particular diamonds.

Any person can walk into a jewelry store and buy a standard diamond which has been cut in the very same fashion as many others. Even though it might still be pretty and look impressive, it is a stone without a history or story, and this is why so many folk select diamonds that have not just a unique look, but a rich backstory also. The Ashoka cut diamond has a story and history that goes back for centuries, all of the way back to just about 300 B.C, when a mighty Emperor named AshokaMaurya ruled over most of what’s present-day India.

He used to be a warrior and a king, and much-respected by his folk, who he thought about his as his children. Ashoka had a great religious awakening during his rule and told his individuals that the true trail to private happiness and prosperity could only be achieved through balance and tranquility. These ideals were then mirrored in a 41.37 carat diamond discovered years after near Golcanda, India that quickly became famous for its peculiar brilliancy and beauty, and was then named after the warrior king.

Today, the William Goldberg diamond gallery reproduces this stellar cut on a smaller scale, but the gems that are created are no less unique and glistening than the original. It’s not hard to accept that Ashoka would approve of this bequest, and that the diamond which bears his name is claimed to take away people’s unhappiness and sorrow.

The Ashoka diamond is quickly rising in popularity and disrepute as it’s spotted on the fingers of famous celebs like Reece Witherspoon, Paris Hilton, and before her passing, the legendary Liz Taylor. The diamond is requested by these celebs not only due to its spectacular beauty but because like the rest of us, they adore it when a great story comes along with the jewellery that they wear.

An Ashoka cut diamond gets folks noticed wherever they are going, and being able to tell the tale of the powerful Ashoka and how he lead his folk to non secular enlightenment is something that anybody can enjoy. The history of this diamond is as appreciated as its value and has as many angles as its brilliant, flawless surface.

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