Time has passed since the modern t-shirt was born, and it has taken on many incarnations. The latest incarnation is that of walking advertisement. If you are really into a band or a product, then you’re probably going to wear a shirt about it. Well, the shirts in my closet serve the same purpose. I am a bacon fiend, and my bacon shirts reflect that perfectly. Just because I like showing off, let me tell you about my favorites.

There aren’t many people around these days that would dispute you if you went off on how great bacon is. When you really break it down, bacon is actually just tasty candy made out of pork. It has a lot in common with candy treats. It’s universally loved, it makes you crave it, and you’ll turn into a disgusting slob if you eat too much of it. That is almost exactly the same way you would describe candies, am I right? That’s why my “Bacon is Meat Candy” tee is such a great bacon t-shirt.

When I wear bacon t-shirts, I want them to be funny. I want people to salivate at the thought of bacon, but also smile because my shirt is witty and fun. My “Wake and Bacon” shirt accomplishes this goal perfectly. Wake and bake is a popular saying based on some more nefarious activities, but there’s nothing nefarious about waking up to the smell of some delicious bacon cooking.

Bacon t-shirts can be cool too. You don’t need some artsy design to make a shirt super cool, at least in my humble opinion. My shirt that has a distressed image of a pig and says “Baconista” on it is probably one of my favorite shirts ever. I like the idea of people seeing me in my Baconista tee and thinking that there is some official word for a connoisseur of the bacon arts.

My all-time favorite from my humble bacon t-shirts collection is my shirt that reads, “I used to think that bacon was bad for me, so I gave up thinking.” It’s simple, it’s very nicely designed, and it only has a couple of grease stains on it. Worrying about how bad bacon is for me is a moot point. I am hopelessly addicted to bacon and there is no doctor on the planet that can cure me.

Bacon t-shirts are everywhere on the Internet, and they’re all pretty dang cool. Just do and Internet search and you’ll see for yourself. The shirts I’ve listed are my favorites, but there are tons more that you may like even more. Even if we can’t agree on a shirt that we like, we can at least agree that bacon is a gift from God and should be revered as one of the holiest of holies. Wait…you’re not a vegetarian, are you?

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