Rampage is one of the established names in women’s fashion clothing. The brand may not be as big as other designer brands out there but it has surely carved out a respectable niche on its own. The company has a large collection of women’s tops and other clothing. But aside from that, they also recently entered the market and industry for manufacturing medical clothing and uniforms. One of their most coveted product lines is the Rampage scrubs. Today, the brand has a growing list of medical uniforms and apparel, specifically catering for the needs of fashionable and rather stylish sets intended for nurses, medical workers, veterinarians, and others. Scrubs of course are synonymous with the medical profession. Such type of uniform has been around for so many decades now and the main reason why people who work in hospitals and clinics stick to them is because they’re very durable, comfortable to wear, and generally reliable.

The kind of scrubs worn today however is pretty much different and improved compared to the first ones used in the previous three decades. This is because most of the traditional scrubs were plain white and never had those fancy and attractive designs. Yet, they were still comfortable and very durable but the fashion sense wasn’t really there. The good news with the new medical uniforms of today is that they’re more inclined to providing those who wear them better sense of style and trendiness, and one of those names that make sure there is a wide variety of options in terms of color and design to choose from is Rampage scrubs.

Rampage Satin Trim Scrub Top – This particular nursing scrub tops delivers a sleek and quite chic design. It’s one of those that provide a very glaring emphasis on making a once traditional nursing uniform into a fancier but highly reliable one. This working top has a feminine look with front and back princess seams. It’s a shirt tail hem coupled with side slits. Moreover, it is mostly dressed up in a pretty satin trim with a y-neckline design for added cool and comfort and finally, the inclusion of two double patch pockets.

Rampage Chill V-Neck – Next in line is a rather inventive type of scrub top that dons a modern silhouette design. The Chill V-Neck variety has a contrasting piped trim placed in the mock-wrap style neckline. The designers placed a sleeve and vented hem and the fitted back contributes to a more comfortable feel with a unique shape.

Rib Trim Crossover – This scrub top from the same manufacturer is best known and distinguished with its rib-knit trimmed crossover neckline. The rib-knit sleeve meanwhile is there to provide added comfort to the one wearing it. It’s made from soft and very fine fabric material with superior quality. And what’s more, the scrub top is made using double needle stitching, making sure it’s durable.

Rampage’s commitment towards producing the most reliable and attractive medical uniforms is summed up by their principle that says “fashion that works with you.” It’s actually a statement for the company when it comes to handing over something that will change how uniforms are perceived. This time, they’re committed on integrating functionality with a good sense of fashion.

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