Promotional clothing is one of the best forms of promotional merchandise and corporate gift ideas available for countless reasons. If you give away custom clothing, or sell it on., then you get all the same benefits you would get form sponsoring someone (if you sponsor a football player they wear your company name on your chest) but entirely for free and across a far larger selection of the population.

The benefits of this are almost endless. First of all, someone wearing a t-shirt of yours is going to themselves be reminded of your business and likely to think of you as a result when they are looking for the service that you provide. For example if you wear the logo of an insurance firm on your chest and you are looking around for insurance then you are very likely to try the one on your custom clothing first as that will be constantly being reminded to you as you wear it – and even if you haven’t worn it for a while it will be likely to still be on your mind.

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