Published on October 6, 2010, by in Custom Tshirts.

Similarly though you will be showing that logo to everyone that you encounter and this will mean that all of them will be likely to consider that business. If you hand out just one custom t-shirt, and a person wears it just once, then you can expect them to encounter hundreds or even thousands of people just in that time – this way they will walk around the town, eat in restaurants, look around shops – all while showing your company name on their chest. Some people will stand up and take notice and just out of curiosity will read the t-shirt (this of course will depend on how smart your design is) at the same time though everyone else who doesn’t make it a specific point to read the t-shirt will still probably notice it unconsciously and will this way be brought to think of your business even if they do not know why.

This is doubled and quadrupled exponentially if that person is photographed – this way the actual photograph becomes another promotional item aside from the original t-shirt and this will give you a permanent monument to your business entirely free.

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