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Drawstring bags make perfect corporate gift ideas and are fantastic for ingratiating customers and the general public to your company, or for enticing people to sign up to newsletters, or use your services while feeling like they are getting more value for money. There’s a wide range of promotional products to choose from though, and deciding the product that’s best for your company is often a tricky. They all have advantages and disadvantages, and when you consider that you and your staff will also get lots of copies of these promotional products it makes sense to try and pick something that you can enjoy.

Drawstring bags make the perfect promotional gifts. They are at once cheap while still being highly practical and so desirable. They are worn on the outside of clothes and won’t be covered up by a jumper unlike promotional shirts or promotional golf tees, which means your branding and your logo will face outwards towards the world so every one can read it. However at the same time they have more uses than almost any other promotional item and can be used to store your gym kit, as a backpack, to take things on holiday or to store things at home.

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