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From there you can then start printing promotional t-shirts that show your brand and giving them away at events (and potentially being selective about who you give them to). At the same time you can sell your promotional t-shirts and if your strategy works people might even want to buy them. If you are sure to design the promotional t-shirts well, and you have a bit of luck, then you may find that they go viral and become ‘cool’, which will do wonders for a range of different organizations.

Virgin and Barclays meanwhile have used different strategies to sneak their promotional products into people’s homes – allowing people to steel items. This is something that is part and parcel of any business that is open to general public. People steel pens, stationary and anything you loan them. In hotels they steel the towels and in pubs they steel the pint glasses. The smart companies then rather than fight this (which will make them look penny grabbing and unfriendly), instead embrace it by using this tendency and turning it into a marketing opportunity.

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