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A great example of this is Nike. Nike have the simple tick which adorns their clothing, and this is what marks the clothing as genuinely theirs. The genius behind this is that people want to display the Nike tick to prove their clothes are not a rip-off and thereby associate themselves with the quality that Nike claims to represent. At the same time this demonstrates a ‘hip-ness’ and a healthy, sporty lifestyle. This is of course invaluable for Nike themselves, and similar effects can be seen elsewhere in business. Take the wristbands that have been marketed to represent important issues to people. This was a government scheme – not a company one (though good politics should be very akin to good business) – and this made these ideas cool. Another similar effect is being seen with Apple merchandise such as the headphones which carry with them a certain ‘cool’.

To replicate this you need for your business or organization to be ‘cool’ which is easier said than done, or at least to represent quality or health and for this image to be known.

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