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Of course people don’t tend to steel things that are large so you don’t lose much money, but when people show the items off other people will see your branding – and it may even spark up a conversation. Use promotional pens in your office then, headed letter paper and custom mugs. Then when someone steels one from the office or from your shop floor, they will be unintentionally promoting your company. Barclays has already done this successfully with promotional pens – being a bank chain in England it only made sense that pens would go missing so they instead used promotional pens and invited people to keep one for later. This somehow seems much more forward thinking than attaching a pen to a chain and this reflects well on the business too – and means there are millions of Barclays’ promotional pens in the world. This is also why many hotel chains are careful to print their name in large letters on their towels and dressing gowns. This actually makes the towels more attractive to visitors too as they can show off their cunning to others at having stolen the towels; little knowing the true cunning lay with the hotel chain.

At the same time Virgin used a similar approach when they found that the salt and pepper pots from their planes kept going missing.

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