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The promotional product is much like the Trojan Horse in that the recipient accepts it with open arms into their home, and from here you can go about showing your branding to not only them, but everyone inside their home. Literally they have brought a piece of advertising – disguised as a gift – right into their stronghold, which is even more effective than trying to advertise directly into their inbox. The main lesson that you can take from the Trojan Horse example then is that the disguise must be good to work – that they have to want the item, and in this sense you need to ensure that your promotional products are desirable – that the designs look attractive or are in some way witty or clever. Really smart business strategy would make the brand one that’s so positive that people are proud to display it, that they want to be associated with it. The disguise is not so much a disguise, but rather just such smart branding that kudos comes from associating with your brand and thus people gladly market your promotional products and so a ‘viral’ effect happens where more and more people start looking for your promotional products and so by extension your saleable products and services.

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