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A spectacular, romantic wedding ceremony is every fiance’s dream. A wedding is one momentous event that is definitely worth remembering.Things could possibly not go as planned despite proper organising. This is a possibility especially if the bride wears shoes that do not fit her. She has to choose shoes that perfectly matches her dress. Shoes that are not a perfect mean walking around for hours on end on excruciating feet. The pain is unimaginable had you needed to dance, walk and march around in shoes that are not the right fit. Wearing shoes that don’t fit right could turn your wedding into a horrible nightmare.

Wedding bridal shoes can make or break your wedding. Listen to what we have to say on getting the right pair of shoes.

1. Many brides-to-be focus so much on their wedding dress that they don’t think about their shoes until the last minute. Now you know how you could end up with shoes that don’t really fit. After you have your gown thought of, then go look for the right shoes to match. Be sure that when you fit your dress, you also bring your shoes to determine the length of your gown.

2. Most importantly, go for comfort. Remember that you will be wearing those shoes for many hours. This should explain the need for comfort first before style. Thus, it’s only right to get the right fit. Shoes with padded inner soles can make your feet happier.

3. An obvious choice among brides-to-be are high-heeled wedding shoes. However, if you’re not used to walk in high heels, then don’t opt for high-heeled shoes. There are many low-heeled bridal footwear that are as elegant as their high-heeled counterpart. Again, comfort before style. Ensure that there’s snug fit between you shoes and you’re feet.

4. Choose the right kind of bridal footwear. Your shoes are an integral part of your bridal attire. Thus, they should go well with your dress. Match the color of shoes to your gown. Match the color of your shoes to your dress.

5. Think about you wedding reception venue. For instance, if you’re getting married by the beach, then go for sandals that are flat. And if you’re considering a garden wedding, you might want to get wedges for your footwear to provide some mud traction.

6. Shoes can be chosen to match your accesories. For elegance and sophistication, consider utilising brooches and pearls.

7. Don’t forget to break in your shoes a week or two before the wedding day. Wearing them for at least an hour a day can break these in.

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