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Sweatshirts called hoodies have become increasingly popular for people of all ages. While the traditional sweatshirt and pants have been around for sometime, the hoodie trend has gained more popularity because of its versatile design. Check out the kinds of custom hoodies you can choose for making a fashion statement all your own.

Many women today wearing hoodies. The styles for these shirts have become varied for women as well. You may see one fashioned from soft velour while another may be traditional fleece. Some designs also include a feminine crocheted trim. The style you choose to have customized can become your own unique choice. Women may find several hoodie styles appealing for upper casual dress.

While many styles of hoodie are made from fleece and blended cotton materials, there are some other fabrics that are used as well. Many people prefer to choose hoodies made from merino wool or knitted silk. Some designer styles are made from bamboo and other natural materials. The material you choose is determined by the need you have for this garment.

Lots of choices are available for those people that would like to have a customized hoodie. In fact, you can also make up your own designs and have professional screen printing done to render it on a hoodie style of your choice. Some people like to have their name or the name of their favorite sports team put on shirts. You might choose to have your favorite animal or symbol embroidered on the front of your hoodie. Your design options are only as limited as your imagination.

Some styles come with a zippered front while others have enclosed fronts with large pockets. The custom logo or print you choose will determine your choice of a zipper or solid front style hoodie. Some prints can be arranged on either side of the zipper or on both sides, depending on your logo or print idea. The hoodie with a front pocket leaves more room for one solid, uninterrupted print.

Reversible styles are great choices for kids because they can be worn with two outfits of different color. This is a style that is also handy for kids out in the cool weather of fall and spring as well. Hoodies are easy to slip on and are lightweight, the perfect choice for active youngsters. Choose a customized hoodie with cartoon characters or your child’s name as well.

Some hoodies are specially designed for certain activities like sports. Sports enthusiasts can choose a shirt sleeve style perfect for wearing after water sports. Long sleeved styles are great for the cool evenings of every season. Find the styles perfect for your wardrobe by visiting sporting goods retailers both on and offline. When making wardrobe choices, you might keep in mind all the occasions you could wear the garments you choose. Doing so allows you greater versatility and more affordability as well.

Every wardrobe should include a couple of custom hoodies. Making sure you have one for cool evenings outdoors during all seasons is a good idea. Check out the various styles you have to choose from and find out why this sweatshirt trend has become so popular today. Adding a stylish addition for most every outfit in your closet is good.

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