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For any business, promotional products and branded gifts are a great form of marketing as well as great way to show goodwill to your customers. At the same time though the product needs to be thought out and if it is to be one of the best examples of corporate gift ideas, it needs to be at least fairly relevant to your business too.

For example if you ran a bank or a financial service your services would likely involve a lot of writing and signing forms on both your part and that of your clients. As such then you might want to use promotional pens which will be great to just pass on after lending to your clients. Similarly if you work in business you will likely find that many of your clients and investors etc enjoy gold and as such there is a range of custom golf shirts and golf products. If you work in some kind of health related industry you might want to use sports beakers or drawstring bags that can be used for gym kit.

At the same time what you do with the promotional products will also dictate what you use. If you want them to be competition prizes they need to have a certain heft, while if you’re dishing them out to everyone, something cheap and disposable such as promotional pens are again appropriate.

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