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If you have an industry conference coming up soon, you do not want to attend the trade show without some sort of corporate gift to hand out. Businesses attend these trade shows as a way to drum up new customers or clients. Giving away corporate gifts is a great way to gain a little extra advertising for a relatively cheap price.

Custom pens are a corporate gift staple. The low cost it takes to produce a large amount of custom pens makes this corporate gift idea one of the most cost effective. Throw in the fact that everyone has a use for a pen in their day to day lives means that there is a good chance your custom pens will actually be used and serve their advertising purpose as opposed to other corporate gifts.

Another good corporate gift idea to use at your next trade show is a custom tote bag. Knowing that anyone in attendance at this trade show is going to be getting a large amount of corporate gifts from other vendors allows you to print custom tote bags and hand them out so people can place all of the items they receive into your bag. This will allow your company’s logo to be prominently displayed whenever someone is carrying around all of the items he or she received that day.

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