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Crazy Irish t-shirts are all about being an Irish. Just say something about yourself, in your own words and in your own way. It doesn’t matter if your slogan is a little silly. Unique designs with an Irish attitude will make everybody feel good, and that is the point, anyway. One of the most used ones advises people not to abuse alcohol, just to drink it.

All that was originally inspired by St. Patrick’s Day, and everybody knows this is the most important holiday in Ireland. Everything i green; shamrocks, Leprechauns and, of course, t-shirts. Beer is all around, and something has to be done about it. Even if you are not an Irish, you will probably feel like one after a few beers.

Peace, love and Leprechauns, beer, shamrocks and funny slogans are here to make everybody happy. Wear a green t-shirt and say something about yourself, or just express your opinion about the world around you. The point is to feel like an Irish, to drink and enjoy with your friends. When everything turns green, you will be on the right way. Just make sure to be here for a beer.

Don’t forget about clovers, or to be more precise, about shamrocks. This season, sculls made clovers are quite popular, but you have to find an appropriate slogan for it as well. If you cannot think of one, you can find interesting things online, and order really funny shirts to wear, green, of course. Don’t worry, wearing shamrocks won’t make you look drunk, you will need to take something stronger.

It can be a great idea for a gift. One crazy t-shirt, green just like a clover, with a pint of a beer and something only the best friend is allowed to say about you. You can design your own slogans, include pictures, photos or anything else you can think of, and find a company online to make you those shirts and send them to your address.

Be here for a beer or tell people something about yourself. Maybe you can say a little more about your life, or maybe about your habits. Share your funny thoughts with people around you, you might make someone smile, and there is nothing wrong about it. Make sure to be funny, not insulting and rude. Share a beer. If you cannot visit Ireland right now, you can surely afford a green tee shirt.

Stop think, just drink. Shamrocks are always popular. Wear them on your tee shirt, they are perfectly harmless. Dirty old Leprechauns can be much more dangerous, and you have to be careful about them. The old truth is that you need to start drinking in the morning if you want to drink all day, there is no other way of doing it. If you cannot find anything to say right now, find yourself a nice tee shirt online.

St. Patrick’s Day is, unfortunately, just once a year, but Christmas is near, and this could be a great gift for your best friend. Green Santa and funny shamrock make a great couple. Crazy Irish t-shirts are amusing and interesting gifts your friends will appreciate. Besides, there are so popular you just cannot go wrong with them.

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