Published on November 8, 2010, by in Custom Tshirts.

You might choose then to have the logo or the brand across the top. Don’t neglect the back space either, and this is a particularly good place to situate some more information and even maybe contact information such as a website or a phone number so that interested parties can get more information. Of course how you lay out your items will depend on the custom clothing in general. Personalized t-shits, or custom polo shirts will have generally the same design features, as will custom sweatshirts. However with something like embroidered hats you will have significantly less space to work with and so you will need to bear this in mind in your design; it may be that you can choose an image or the company name but not both combined. As such you will need to decide what custom clothing you want for your product and weather custom polo shirts or embroidered hats are more appropriate for your needs – think of the demographics you will be working with, and the cost etc of the items.

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