Published on November 8, 2010, by in Custom Tshirts.

Once you have decided on your type of promotional items and just where you want your images and text to go on the items you will then need to place them on the material digitally. Be sure to make the image and the text central and that it all lines up and take lots of time to check that this is the case. If it does not, then your custom clothing will look unprofessional and this will have many negative knock on effects on your company – potentially making your business look unprofessional itself and thereby losing you customers, and certainly meaning that your custom clothing does not get worn as much as it otherwise should have.
Finally you should make sure that you give your customers and clients lots of choice in what custom clothing they want to wear. Bear in mind for instance that you likely won’t just be dealing with men, and that you should have female options too for women who want to wear your custom clothing.

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