Published on November 8, 2010, by in Custom Tshirts.

If people don’t want to wear it then your brand will never be promoted (at least not outside of the home) and if your image is not eye catching then it won’t be effective even when it is worn around town.
Thus you should look into creating images that are attractive, eye catching and that are somehow appealing for those wearing them. Humorous images and words are always a good starting place as these will make the wearers and the viewers smile which enables you to have an impact without having to necessarily be amazing at design. This is especially true if you use text for your personalised t-shirts and embroidered hats as this can be funny and not require any design at all. Meanwhile text has the advantage of requiring the attention for at least a short period of time while the viewers read it – it that ways draws people in. However if you do use text for your custom clothing then ensure that it is bold, large and a bright colour to get that initial spark of attention.

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