Published on November 8, 2010, by in Custom Tshirts.

This might have a picture of you on it, or it might have a picture of them (normally a non-flattering one if this is a novelty gift), it might perhaps have a picture of something that they really like, or make just their nickname printed across it. This is particularly great if you have a pet name for each other as this way you can give them a sweatshirt with their pet name written across the chest which will be at once humorous and affectionate. If you opt for this then you will be able to demonstrate that you have put some time and thought into the gift and that you have been creative, while at the same time as an in-joke (as many custom clothing items will likely be) it will make you feel closer to each other and part of a secret. They can then wear their custom sweatshirt or their custom polo shirt around the house with you and with family who might be in on the joke.

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