Golf shirts are an integral part of the golfer’s baggage. The whole game of golf depends entirely on the design of the golf shirt. If you are uncomfortable with the fittings of the golf shirt then it may affect your swing and shove down your points to the pit. A too tight or loose golf shirt can severely affect the swings and game.

There are many specialty shops across the world which offer the custom golf shirts, or personalized golf shirts according the players specifications. Custom golf shirts, or to say personalized golf shirts or embroidered golf shirts are an emerging trend. Golfers who despise buying out their golf shirts from an apparel store always seek the help of a tailor to stitch customized shirts. If you want to retain your plain old golf shirt then you can always get them personalized by stitching a graphics, logo, club names and names on them. You can either select these designs by own or can look through the catalogs offered by these tailors.

If you despise the embroidery but want the golf shirts to remain plain and chic then it is better to opt for some personalized logos and names on them. Both these things can be hand printed or printed on the t-shirt using screen printing.

You can buy custom golf shirts from an online store or local tailor.

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