There’s hardly anything better than having a bunch of custom hoodies in your wardrobe when you want to be instantly recognized the minute you step into a room. There are surely various ways to customize your appearance, especially when it comes to clothes – but hoodies are just so flexible and easy to adapt to different clothing styles and combinations, that they’re easily the best choice when you need to print a few custom hoodies.

Are you out of ideas about what you can put on your custom hoodies, however? Don’t worry – everyone hits that wall sooner or later, sometimes before even having started their search for a clothes printing shop. There are lots of ideas to consider as a start though. For example, custom hoodies tend to look really great with military logos and insignia on them – those can be very easy to find on the Internet (and the shop you’re doing you’re printing at should have a few available anyway), and they can very easily be adjusted to all the different clothing styles you can think of. Colors are hardly a problem when you consider the designs of most of these logos, as well.

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