Published on October 23, 2012, by in Custom Tshirts.

The practical design of the hooded t-shirt has grown in popularity over the decades. Not only does the hood help to keep out the cold fall winds but the garment has become a popular substrate for artistic expression. Custom hoodies screen printing specializes in helping their clients to attain that special look that they want their hoodie to express.

Clothing graphics have become a popular mode of self expression and screen printing offers the client the option of designing their own print. The designing can be done online or sent via email if one has already been designed. Many companies will find this an effective tool for creating promotional shirts for their brand as special gift items during the holiday season.

Clients can contact the representatives on a toll free number or on chat with any questions pertaining to their designs. They can send in previously designed graphics too by email and then fill out the quote forms online to process their orders more quickly. A detailed invoice will be sent to them outlining all the charges.

The cancellation time will vary depending on each printing company’s policy but in many cases it can be as little as 24 hours for non rush orders. Penalties are usually put on rush order cancellations. The customer should read the company policy carefully before filling out an order form.

The variety of colors that clients can choose seems endless. Once their favorite color has been chosen they can choose from the dozens of clipart samples which can be altered with the tools provided. Clients return many times to the editing of their designs which are easily saved for future tweaking.

Prints can be positioned on the back, front, sleeve, sides and hood of the shirt. For zippered hoodies it is recommended to use reduced ink so that a buildup of ink on the zipper area will be avoided. Zippered t-shirts will usually be printed on special palettes so that the zipper is flush with the rest of the shirt.

Custom hoodies screen printing provides many different designs on practically any area of the hoodie. Clients can personalize their garment in any way they like so that their favorite shirt will stand out in a crowd. Their biggest problem will be in deciding which design to choose.

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