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Custom Promotional Pens are seen all over the world.  One of the most popular and effective promotional item for your marketing strategy is the promotional pens. If your organizing a trade show event, you can make an easy decision by giving away promotional pens as gifts and its one of the best decisions you can make.  They are very useful, simple and compact.  Its very possible to purchase great priced personalized pens with your company name or logo printed onto them, making every person who gets one to remember you and your company. You may purchase these pens in bulk wholesale prices and are very reasonable. Promotional pens have proven to be a valuable promotional giveaway that all businesses need to have in their marketing strategy, and it’s a warm welcome to opening their doors to new clients.

Marketing department’s that knows what they are doing is fully aware of the enormous power that promotional items have in raising brand awareness.

Almost everyone has a pen on their person, in their car or in their bag or on their desk, and during the day a pen is always requested.  Now think of this every time a person co worker is asking you for a pen ask your self how many times you have been asked where you got it from, and every time someone asks and see the pen they see your logo and get an instant impression and reminder of your company or event. It is one of the most effective visual way of targeting many different markets and audiences.

There are many different pens and you must think that every pen has its owner. The owner can be a law clerk to a dispatcher, or a sales man, and school teacher, or the CEO of a company. Making every pen and its owner unique in the way it’s used in the daily activity it carries out for its owner. Being a dispatcher at a trucking company and dealing with the days in of drivers coming in and getting there daily work runs, the first thing they see is your pen and if they like it, they will ask where you got it, or better yet, they can see the company logo it has, branding your company. Being a CEO of company and in a meeting when needing to write some material or signing some documents, a pen must be used, being seen by the other person, it can make a split decision on the importance of the character of the CEO, if they pull out there own MOUNT BLANC it leaves a good chance that impression is “wow what a great pen and he signs with his with confidence”. Pulling out his own company pen shows that he or she cares of about the company image and takes the time to keep the image of his/her company. You will have no problem finding pens suitable for every occasion, situation and client.

If you are thinking of an effective promotional give-away for event or trade show, Using highlighter pens might be a good choice they are fun and colorful, leaving a great impression. These fun, standout pens are great for the educational market. Distributing these are affordable and cheerful and come in useful. Another place you can use pens is at fundraising shows or events. Squiggle pens with a translucent barrel with a deco chrome clip and

soft durable rubber grip can create a novel new look that’s sure to get your advertising message

and branded logo noticed.

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