Published on September 17, 2011, by in Custom Tshirts.

When planning a team day for an organisation, it can often be worth designing and producing a special custom t-shirt for the team to wear. This can add a light hearted edge to the day and give the team attending a small gift for their attendance. Likewise, a t-shirt displaying the organisation’s name, logo and slogan worn in a uniform way by a group can look professional and smart. Depending on the team day activities, of course.

Custom t-shirts can sometimes be a thoughtful gift for those attending the team day. Especially if the team day involves outdoors activities which could dirty or ruin the attendee’s own clothes, it can be worth providing alternative clothing which does not impact on the team member if ruined by the activities.
Custom t-shirts can also give a team day and unique twist. Many organisations will leave their team to attend their team days in their own clothes, often leading to small panics about the appropriateness of certain clothing, such as denim. By providing a t-shirt, the clothing decision is uniquely solved, and team members have the opportunity to add their own unique twists without feeling over or under dressed for the day.

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