Although there is no type of rocket-science in designing a promotional mug, some details must be respected in order to make your advertising campaign more profitable and more successful. The message you want to send to your customers must be well-crafted in order to have a bigger impact and for a longer period of time. So, if you cannot wait to create your own personal design which will be applied on customized mugs then read this article. You will find out a few interesting pieces of advice or a step-by-step guide if you want, which will definitely help you.

Get inspired: Look on the internet for designing resources and ideas

8538489483_ed170a257e Using the internet is very easy and you can get so much in return. For example, there are already hundreds if not thousands of types of artworks on the internet and they have already been successfully used. You can use these artworks to create new ideas or implement them into your own design. Also, it is helpful to know what it has already been utilized on various promotional mugs as well. After you have watched these pieces of artwork, you can create your own design with much more accuracy and talent. If your mug features a nice design, your customers will see you as a professional and they will understand that you put a lot of effort in improving and maintain your image. This is excellent for your company in the long run!

Now it is time to create your design and place it on your mug

After an extensive research about how your artwork should look like, all that you have to do is to create it. Take your time and craft your personalized design in a well-known image editor such as Photoshop, for example. Afterwards, all that you have to do is to upload your picture which will be placed on promotional mugs and that’s it. Your products will arrive to you shortly and you can already start your advertising campaign.

Choose the right mug type

Not all mugs are really suitable for everyone. For example, if you sell different types of coffee, a mug might not be that appropriate. You should use a coffee cup instead. Your customers will quickly understand what message you want to transmit and your advertising method will also be unique as well. Another important aspect is the size of the mug, its material and its color. Again, use your imagination and come up with a really breathtaking idea, in order to impress your customers. When these small details add up, the end result can be really amazing! By investing a lot of time and effort into tailoring your advertising campaign, you are also making it much more profitable in the long run. Also, you will know what works for you and what mistakes you should avoid in the future as well. When the entire mug designing process is finished, let us handle the other aspects. We can place your personalized design on the mugs of your choice and create as many promotional mugs as you need! Feel free to also check our design studio from our website if you need to draw a quick sketch of your artwork. Have fun!

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