Danner has been making quality boots and footwear since 1932, when they were founded by Charles Danner. Danner uses the best materials and practices available to make boots that are durable and will last a long time. There are multiple steps and processes that go into making a pair of Danner boots.

Danner manufactures their boots almost entirely from scratch by their expert craftsmen in Portland, Oregon. The craftsmen stitch the different parts of the boot together by hand and use hinged lasts to build the boot on. Removing the lasts from the boots is easier because they are hinged, which prevents the boot lining from being damaged.

The design process encompasses choosing high quality materials and components for the boots, like finding the best leather, Vibram outsoles, and waterproof Gore-Tex liners. Then, the designers decide what processes and techniques to incorporate into the making of the boots, such as stitch-down and San Crispino construction. Both stitch-down and San Crispino construction are time extensive and must be hand done, but they make the boots stronger and more durable.

First, Danner craftsmen test and grade the leather that will go into a pair of boots to ensure it meets their standards. This entire process is done by hand; none of it is automated or done by machine. The leather is graded on a scale of 1-5 and then goes through multiple tests that check the leather’s strength, flexibility, thickness, and more.

After the craftsmen grade and test the leather, it will next go to the cutters. Every hide of leather will be cut by hand into the various different parts for the boots. The cutters asses the leather and determine which parts of the hide to use. Any flaws or irregularities in the leather will be cut around; only the best parts of the hide is used.

After the leather for the boot is graded, tested, cut, and stitched, Danner incorporates custom designed Vibram rubber outsoles. Made from vulcanized rubber, the Vibram outsoles are made in a process that has many steps; all of it done by hand. Various liquids, pellets, and powders are mixed with polymer to create a rubber compound. The rubber compound is then put in a mold at 350 degrees and melted to create the outsole.

Gore-Tex waterproof and breathable liners have been used in Danner boots for a long time. In fact, Danner was the first company to use Gore-Tex waterproof liners in their boots. The boot liners are constructed with only one seam, which prevents water and moisture from entering the boots and makes them 100% waterproof. Also, all of the Gore-Tex liners are tested multiple times to make sure they perform as intended.

Most of Danner’s boots can be re-crafted because of their design and stitch-down construction. Re-crafting is a process that allows certain parts of the boots to be replaced or reworked. Danner has a re-crafting department in Portland, Oregon that can replace the outsoles, restitch seams, and rework and condition the leather of a boot. This means an old pair of Danner boots can be reconstructed and retooled to look almost brand new again.

Danner is committed to making boots and footwear of exceptional quality and craftsmanship. They take immense pride in what they do, using only materials and practices that meet their very high standards. Danner boots are guaranteed to be durable and last you a long time. By owning a pair of Danner’s boots, you are making a smart investment that will pay off for years to come.

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