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A promotional mug is a great promotional gift that will sit on people’s desks with a large surface area for everyone to read your company name or look at your company logo. People love tea and coffee and they love their favourite mugs, so it’s something that will get a lot of use and it’s also a social drink which means that it will be seen by visitors and guests all the time. The way you hold it too by the handle actually is perfect for projecting the image of your logo to the room unconsciously if nothing else.

However for a promotional mug to be successful you have to take advantage of that extra space in a sensible way and use it well. The mug has to be one that people want to use and the brand or the logo has to be large and easily legible so it can be seen from across the room which is where it will be noticed from. To make the mug one that people want to use it needs in turn to be a good quality mug (so make sure the company printing the promotional mug is good quality) as different china and shapes actually affect the taste of the brew. Further though it needs to be witty and not in your face. Don’t preach your business but be understated and if you can think of a by-line or slogan that’s relevant try to be funny and catchy.

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