Souvenirs are often purchased in order to remember a certain trip or destination. There are many types of things that travelers frequently buy in each place they visit, including snow globes, spoons, plates, decorative frames, flags, and thimbles. Two of the most popular and easily found souvenirs, however, are pins and patches.

Both of these items are popular amongst tourists because they are usually inexpensive, easy to pack, and often have the location or destination name imprinted on them. They are easily displayed once home and can make great displays. While both items are often seen for sale outside of the tourist or souvenir realm, a personalized lapel pin is commonly associated with popular travel destinations.

Pins come in a huge array of sizes, shapes, and materials. They are commonly worn to show one’s devotion to a particular organization, ideal, or cause. Examples include the pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness, yellow ribbons for troop support, country flags, and Olympic sports.

In recent times, certain types of these have become massively popular with collectible and as such, their rarity has increased and so has their value. The best examples of this phenomenon are with Disneyland or Disney World pins as well as those depicting different Olympic games and Olympic events. Because they can be purchased online and in different retail locations, anyone can get their hands on them, not just people who have visited the actual venues themselves.

Like pins, patches also come in a huge number of sizes and styles. They are made to depict any number of places or events, including tourism destinations, historical events, and well known figures. A custom patch design can be displayed on clothing items, such as jacket, shirt, hat, or bag, or they can be displayed in the home on a banner or flag.

Usually these are either velcroed, sewn or ironed onto another surface, depending on the materials they’re made with. Patches have roots in more utilitarian uses, such as government and military personnel. Eventually, many sports teams also started using them and from there they became a mainstream way to show support and commemorate a trip or event.

Showing ones pride, achievements, travels, beliefs, and rank are all reasons why pins and patches may be worn or displayed. As both have become more and more common, the numbers available for purchase have greatly increased and they are now easily found in different types of stores. Their cost depends on the materials used to make them, their size, the subject matter depicted, and their rarity, extremely rare or collectible items can sell for many times what they were initially offered for.

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