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You can send round a chain mail asking people to buy your custom golf merchandise or your custom USB sticks and they will almost certainly get on board. Make use of things like Facebook and you can invite all your friends and get them to invite their friends which will hopefully grow out a fair bit to result in at least a few hundred people using your merchandise. If you’re lucky they might even give some away as gifts. Make sure you get all your employees to do the same and invite all of their friends and family to wear your promotional gift ideas. You can also give them away yourself at Christmas and other events where they will make great gift ideas that are fun and unique, and that help promote your business at the same time. Give away a few and they will have to do something with them.
You should also ensure that all of your staff are using your products at least. Hand out your custom pens and custom USB drives to everyone that works for you and then you know that there will be loads of people out there wearing and using your promotional items. Even if you only have ten members of staff that will result in thousands of people seeing your brands and this is almost guaranteed. Try and encourage your staff to wear their fitted caps and promotional shirts often by explaining to them that this will boost the company’s success and that this in turn will eventually effect tem positively as it’s the company that hands out the salaries.

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