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This is likely to make you very popular in their eyes and mean they are more likely to want to shop with you again. At the same time though, they are also more likely to use the custom sweatshirt as they will feel it’s a kind of repayment.
You can even use promotional items as an incentive to get people to be more likely to use your service. For example if you want to make people buy a certain product you have on the shelf that isn’t shifting, then you can make a promotion whereby you promise to give away custom USB sticks free with that purchase. This then makes the buy seem like a better deal for the customers and means they will actually be more likely to buy – but all the while it is actually benefiting you because you will get the marketing as a result. Another example of tying it into another promotion is to give away your promotional products as prizes in competitions.
There are many other smart ways to distribute your products, and any of them will help to raise your profile, and your popularity among customers.

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