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At the same time getting all of your staff to wear promotional shirts with the same company name on them can help to rally them behind your cause and give them a sense of identity and make them feel more a part of your business. Of course you too should wear your own promotional shirts and fitted caps – it’s only fair and you know yourself that you can wear it to all of the most high-profile events you go to. You should also wear your own promotional merchandise in any videos you might make such as adverts, or corporate materials such as training videos as this way you immortalise the items and ensure that a maximum number of people will get to see them.
So that’s how you can sell your promotional merchandise and make the most of your contacts to distribute the products. However there are other ways you can distribute your products such as giving them away. This of course costs you money, but it makes your company look generous and warms people to your business while at the same time ensuring that the maximum number of people get your things. This is perfect for items such as logo golf balls which are small and cheap thus allowing you to give lots away without it costing your business too much.

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