Published on October 14, 2010, by in Custom Tshirts.

For example with Nike or Adidas sports clothing, the brand is actually what sells it – people want the logo to be written in large letters across their chest. To a lesser degree people might feel similarly about something like Apple or Virgin as both these brands are perceived to be quite cool. With Virgin there is then the double meaning of the company name that can make it funny or ironic (it takes guts to have ‘virgin’ written across your chest). New start up companies might generate buzz and excitement and were they to hand out custom clothing at trade shows then people might similarly wear these in a show of support for the new underdogs. Again as your custom clothing and other promotional products will likely also be at a fairly reduced rate, this might be all of the additional incentive that people need
Of course there are some people who will right away get behind your business and its important that you make the most of all the favours you can pull. For instance your friends and family are almost certainly likely to agree to wear your custom clothing if it means getting behind your business and they will likely also pay.

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