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However for any of this to work, and for your promotional products to be any use at all – you need to get people to actually wear them, and you need to get people to actually own them. So the question is, how do you convince people to wear something that is in effect an advert for your business? And how can you market the items so that they might in term market your business?
The first and easiest way to spread your items is of course to sell them. This is a great option of course in that it involves no loss of profit for your company. Normally you will need to order in your promotional products in wholesale in order to sell them on so there is an investment involved, but if they all sell, then this will mean that you haven’t lost any money as the customers will have paid for them. This is particularly a good idea with the slightly more expensive promotional items such as custom USB pens which would be a slightly more considerable long term investment and would mean quite a large loss for your company if you gave away a lot.

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