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Are you petite? Do you want to look tall? Once you have become an adult adding on a few inches on your height would be impossible. But with some great dressing tips for men, you can improve the way you look in other people’s eyes. Thanks to the visual effects certain clothing patterns make. All that is left for short males to do is know the different patterns which can help them look otherwise. Here are some relevant shopping ideas which you might want to read.

Take A Second Look At Vertical Stripes And Patterns. It has been said many times that stripes in vertical pattern can give a tall impression on the wearer. This is specifically true when the stripes are very thin. Clothes with texture and pattern that makes they move up and down make the same impression as well. Do you love wearing corduroy pants and tops in herringbone weaves? Here is good news for you. They too can make you look taller.

Choose Fit Clothes. Besides being part of the trend, this one of the men’s fashion tips which can make even the shortest guy relatively and visually tall. Due to their preference for comfort, most men choose loose fitting tops and pants. The latter make you look fat and sloppy. By choosing smaller-sized clothes and following basic fashion tips, you can look narrower and taller. If you cannot find clothes that fit you well, consider going to the tailor for some help.

Go For Outstanding Shirts And Accessories. Short legs definitely reveal your real height. Take the focus of the people away from your legs by wearing an excellent top or accessory that flatters your upper torso well. Don’t forget to wear pants that match though.

Stay Away From Your Usual Attire. Do people often see you in t-shirts and shorts? These clothes do not bring out the best in you. They, in no way, highlight your best features. Dressing tips for men encourage readers to look good especially during special occasions. There are dress pants with are cut with a high waist band which is the exact opposite of the prevailing low-waist pants of today. These are great to be worn as formal or semi-formal attire. Also, they are great in elongating short legs.

Drop By High-End Clothing Stores. These stores usually offer items for very specific needs. Ask help regarding the look you want to achieve. For all you know, they may have better ideas compared to your limited research. Be ready though with your budget as these items usually cost more than those available in regular stores.

Buy Appropriate Shoes. By appropriate shoes, we mean shoes that can physically add height. Yes, wear shoes with heels just remember to do this in moderation. A half-inch addition would be more than enough. Just like what most dressing tips for men include, choose shoes with style that complements your outfit. Shoes in basic colors like black and brown are great options to think about.

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