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Remember those Renaissance fairs that the Jr. High would hold each year? The airy music and elaborate medieval costumes made for an interesting and creative atmosphere. Why not take a break from the everyday and visit a Renaissance fair as an adult? If you don’t have a Renaissance costume, don’t worry. The fair will have clothing shops that cater to people of all sizes and age. If anything, go into one of these shops just to enjoy the craftsmanship and intricacy of the beautiful garbs.

“Garb” is the official terminology used by Renaissance fans for anyone dressed in costume. Those that attend without costume are called “mundane.” If attending your first Renaissance fair, you may be taken aback by the amount of people. These fairs are known to attract loyal visitors year after year. These regular, every day people enjoy taking a few days out of the year and “spicing it up” by donning a favorite Renaissance costume or medieval costume.

One of the biggest reasons for so many individuals to be attracted to medieval costumes and renaissance costumes is because of their origin in time. It is a moment in history when radical change was taking place. Beginning in the middle ages or the medieval era, Kings, Queens, knights, jesters, wizards and wenches come to mind. Though royal, they were not elegant, however a classical society.

This was a time of incredible political, cultural and economic change. Clothing was a reflection of your station in society. Then you have the Renaissance Era, which overlaps part of the late Middle Ages when, again, there was great change taking place in art and science. Here the clothing took on a more elegant look and style. Though still showing your position in society, there was more flair.

Want to go in a wench Renaissance costume? Most likely you will show a little of this and a little of that, as these women were not known for their conversation skills if you known what I mean? Rather go in a Maid Marian medieval costume? Your dress will be fairly elegant and demure. Robin Hood is another popular medieval costume. To complete the look symbols that signify “brave” and “courageous.” And not to forget the mysterious and magical wizard Merlin costumes. The wizard costume has specific necessary pieces, such as pointy hat and flowing robe. Your garb is most important when attending a Renaissance fair.

If you ever get a chance to attend either a Renaissance fair or party do it! When else will you have the opportunity to truly be Queen for the day? In fact, why relegate yourself to a general costume? Why not go as Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo? That’s the beauty of these fairs; you can be whomever you desire.

Word of warning ladies! Before you strap on that corset remember to take a big, deep breath. This will be your last until the corset comes of. Those Renaissance ladies were not naturally small waisted, oh no. This is how even the more plump ladies were able to achieve the coveted small waist. So make your costume comfortable. After all, the point is to have fun, right?! Edited by Svetchey Sanorols

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