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Nowadays, men learned to culture pearls on their own. The fact is that, almost all of the pearls distributed in many jewelry shops are byproducts of those findings. It has been discovered that shells produce pearls by means of mantle tissue transplant. Among the salt water cultured pearls are the Akoya pearls.


The Akoya pearls are cultured from Akoya oysters. These are mollusks which are typically found in China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and Australia. They’re designed to numerous pearl earrings designs attaining a worldwide market.

Brief description

The pearl’s shade range from white to cream colours. However, you might also find these pearls with rose, cream or silver overtone. Because they are made by the smallest pearl producing oyster referred to as the Akoya oyster, they are available in petite dimensions at the same time ranging from two millimeters to 11 mm. Unlike natural sea water pearls, these pearls assume a nearly spherical or completely round form. Hence, a lot of jewelry manufacturers see them ideal for multi pearl fashion accessories such as necklaces and bracelets.

Meanwhile, you may ask yourself exactly why some stores offer black Akoya pearls. Well, to expand their customers’ preferences, many jewelers treat these kinds of pearls so they will have a black body colour. Hence, women now have the option to look more stylish when attending elegant meetings and celebrations.


You may wonder how you can recognize a cultured Akoya pearl from a natural sea water pearl. Although these pearls may seem like an appropriate reproduction of their original version, their unique characteristics are visible by means of an x-ray result. Cultured Akoya pearls are usually without concentric growth rings with a solid center, as the natural sea water pearls have concentric growth rings. Nevertheless, since this kind of deviances are not noticeable through a naked human eye, it doesn’t really make a difference whether you are wearing a cultured pearl or not.

The Pearl’s Worth

These pearls might also differ in their price and also the most valuable types are the tiniest kinds measuring seven.0 millimeters to seven.five mm. Other dimensions are 8 millimeters and over. This explains why you’ll find great variations in their prices.Actually, you might find a pearl necklace or Akoya pearl jewelries with a cost higher than $4,000, while you will find these sold at only $280. Because the smaller these types of pearls get, the more costly they’ll be as well.

Where to buy

Akoya pearls may be purchased in many jewelry shops may it be offline or on-line. Although you might possess the advantage of looking at these pearls up close when you buy them at your local brick and mortar shop, additionally, you will appreciate great reductions and savings when you purchase them on-line. Furthermore, internet shopping permits you to buy these goods at your most convenient place and during your most preferable time.

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