There is a lot of debate over owning guns and promoting the ownership of guns. When the topic comes up, you can just see the proponents and the opponents bristle on both sides in anticipation for a fight. Even when you just wear pro gun t-shirts, you can expect someone you run across to give you a dirty look.

Wear one of this great gun tees and go out for an afternoon in any city and see what happens. Visit some book stores, some coffee shops, a bar, and maybe even an art gallery. If you don’t get stopped for wearing a gun tee, then you must be in the deep South. Everywhere else is a hotbed of discussion about the topic, and woe betide anyone who believes in owning a gun.

Wearing great gun shirts is exactly the same as walking into a room and loudly proclaiming that you are prepared for a debate about the subject. When you wear an article of clothing that is about such a hotly contested topic, then you must be prepared to defend it. You should never go into public wearing one of these shirts and be ignorant of the talking points, because there is a very good chance you will be called upon to discuss it…sometimes heatedly.

A good thing you should get into the practice of doing is researching the topic thoroughly. You may be a very eloquent speaker and a very bright person, but walking into a debate about guns without learning some facts and figures is like walking into a gun fight with no ammunition. It is a fools errand and you will end up with egg on your face as you flounder helplessly while pointing to your awesome gun tees and telling them how cool you think your shirts are.

The absolute best defense you can make against someone who is angrily pointing at your awesome gun t-shirts and yelling is by shielding yourself in the power of the World Wide Web. The Web is full of the most current discussions and information on the topic, and you can stay up-to-date merely by reading a few blogs each day. You may never know. One day, you may take the fight to the pages of the Internet itself and change your audience from a few people on the street to thousands on the Internet.

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