Candidly, Crocs are a phenomenon in the world of shoes. This is because these shoes are likely the most comfortable and versatile shoes you will ever own. Now in the main stream, these shoes have become universally accepted as a fashionable, all-purpose shoe. Consider sandals, flip flops for the beach and the ever fashionable casual shoe style for your footwear.

Croc shoes are a totally new breed of shoe that mixes the comfort of clogs with a space age material that has incredible benefits. PCCR or Patented Closed Cell Resin technology soften and warm with your body heat and molds to your feet. The styling of the orthotic heel, built-in arch support, and tarsal bar position your feet for ultimate foot comfort and health. Because the resin is stopped up cell, these shoes are a repellent to the bacteria and fungus that cause shoe and foot odor. Foul-smelling are a thing of the past!

The Rx line of shoes that include the Relief, Silver Cloud and the Cloud. Heel problems are addressed by the Rx models. They are designed to stop pain and achy feet and according to the creators, also work for those who have injured their feet or even diabetes patients. The shoe’s Rx models are ideal for those with foot problems.

This type of shoe has gotten so famous that doctors are recommending that their patients with feet problems wear them. The Croc silver cloud is permeated with particles of silver which help keeping away bacteria and fungi. For those with foot injuries who want to stay comfortable, these shoes are a must.

With a wide array of styles, Croc flip flops are perfect for boating, water sports, beach wear, walking or just plain lounging around. One of the best places to purchase your Crocs is on the internet. You can see the full range of colors and styles. Crocs makes sandals for women, men and kids as well as shoes for casual and dress situations. Discover the latest styles of Croc flip flops Croc sandals for women and men at

Crock sandals for women, men or the kids are a comfortable shoe that is well recognized in the hot summer Crock sandals environment. Crocs have developed fully enclosed leather uppers used for work and casual shoes in a variety of smart designs. Crocs uses a foot loving comfortable and odor resistant technology in their shoes.

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