Published on December 20, 2012, by in Fashion.

Marijuana legalization is a big deal to me, and you would know that if you hung around me for any length of time. The issue is so important to me, that I refuse to use cannabis until it is legal in my state. If I used cannabis illegally, I feel it would devalue my efforts of legalization. That’s why many people who meet me are surprised that I wear funny weed t-shirts.

Some people may think that the act of wearing funny weed t-shirts in my daily life may degrade the impact of my efforts to have cannabis use decriminalized in my state. They ask me, “If you don’t smoke pot to increase the impact of your legislative efforts, why then do you assume the image of a pothead by wearing those shirts?”

What my critics may not realize, is that the way I look and the way I act in my funny weed t-shirts is all part of a master plan. I really want people to think that I’m an idiot and a failure. When I come back at them with a sharpness of wit and a glibness of tongue, it gives me the advantage in a political debate because my opponent is immediately taken off guard.

There is a reason why political satire shows have captured the attention of a nation. “The Colbert Report” and “The Daily Show” are both media powerhouses now because they have mastered the art of making huge, important political statements wrapped in the velvet glove of comedy. That’s really what I want to accomplish when I wear funny weed t-shirts.

Another great thing that my funny weed t-shirts do for me, is it leaves a lasting impression. Most people who wear these shirts will only wear them around their friends who are also into using cannabis. It takes a special person to wear them to, say, the grocery store. I like to think that I have that kind of courage. When your everyday, normal person sees someone wearing a pot shirt they will remember it. When marijuana becomes a household word, we will have won the war.

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